Educational Outreach

The combination of an interpretive map, lessons plans and video clips will help you encourage students to chart their own course of learning stimulated by viewing the documentary Dead Reckoning ~ Champlain in America.


This website contains 12 lesson plans created to assist teachers in using Dead Reckoning ~ Champlain in America in the classroom.  The plans were developed for students in grades 6 through 12.  The lesson plans are connected to places Champlain visited and are linked to an interactive map.  The plans focus on themes raised by the documentary that explore history, geography, language arts, mathematics, science, technology and the arts.

Jane Owens, Director of Education and Outreach at Mountain Lake PBS supervised the creation of the educational outreach project.  Julia Miller and Lindsay Pontius wrote the lesson plans.  Special thanks to Betsy Arntzen, outreach coordinator, Canadian Studies Outreach, Canadian-American Center, University of Maine for her invaluable assistance in this project. 


At the core of our educational outreach is an interactive map that traces Champlain’s voyages from 1603 to 1616.  The interactive map will allow students and teachers to explore these voyages on many levels, including:  accessing excerpts from the documentary; lesson plans; Champlain’s journal entries and Amerindian names for locations on the map.  In addition, cartographic inserts explore in greater depth key moments in Champlain’s journeys.

The map is entitled They Would Not Take Me There; People, Places and Stories from Champlain's Travels in Canada, 1603-1616.  It was created by the Center for Canadian-American Studies at the University of Maine by cartographers Michael James Hermann and Margaret Wickens Pearce.  It was adapted for this website by Benjamin Vachon and Yann Francoeur.

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Dedicated to Preserving and Sharing the History of Lake Champlain
The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum has educational programming to suit nearly every age and learning objective.

2009 Quadricentennial Curriculum :

Champlain and the Silent One by Kate Messner

His tribe calls him Silent One.  He hasn't spoken since his uncle died fighting the Iroquois.  But in the winter of 1609, a new language echoes through the north woods. Samuel de Champlain and his Frenchmen speak of friendship and promise to help the Innu people fight their enemies.  This time, Silent One must join the war party, journey far from home, and find his voice to save his brother and his own spirit.